Bacon Crack Recipe: Supreme Superbowl Snackage

My husband and I both love social media… and we both love bacon. So when he saw a recipe on Facebook called “Bacon Crack” he decided we HAD to give this one a try. Granted we often put recipes to the side and proclaim “we are gonna make that!” but this time we actually did. We found the recipe here at Oh Bite It and he set to work. All we needed were five ingredients!

1lb bacon
1 can Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
3/4 cup maple syrup
1 cup brown sugar
*dash of cayenne optional (BUT DO IT)

First we fried bacon. Nothing like the smell of bacon. It’s like an inhaled antidepressant. Guess my secret’s out. I huff pork.

Next he laid out the crescent dough. We had to kind of piece it back together but no worries. He poked shallow holes in the dough. Followed by the first layer of maple syrup.

Then came bacon and moooore syrup

Then came the brown sugar…

Into the oven at 325° for 25 minutes!

And we got the most delicious, sticky, sweet, salty, savory goodness that you can imagine. I’m thinking next time we will spread out the dough a bit more and add a heap more brown sugar, but this recipe is an absolute winner.