Buying the Body Beautiful: Plastic Surgery is Calling My Name

Some things in life you can't fix. Others, you can!

Some things in life you can’t fix. Others, you can!

Let me begin by saying that I would have never in a million years thought that I would ever want to have plastic surgery done. Prior to my pregnancies I had a body that I was really proud of. Don’t get me wrong… it wasn’t perfect. I had a tad bit of a belly and no matter the amount of walking I did or do, I have thighs that have their own agenda. My BMI was never what it should be. But even so, I was still happy with my body. When my clothes came off, even the imperfections were in proportion and I loved it. I loved my flawed self.

Fast forward four years, two pregnancies, and several breast infections later. Genetics has not been on my side. Gravity has not been on my side. In fact, the only things that have consistently been on my sides are my breasts. Go figure. And while I lost my tummy bulge fairly quickly the skin it left behind resembles an elephant leg. Don’t laugh. It literally looks like an elephant leg. I realize I might sound silly complaining about these things… but I am finding that the change in my body has really effected my self-esteem and confidence.

So, I’m going to check into a full on mommy package not because I’m vain, but because I want to feel like me again. My “motherhood” body has made me a different person — one that begs for mom jeans and oversized shirts and granny panties.  But the real me, the one inside, wants to be able to look in the mirror and not feel totally changed and deflated. I want to look in the mirror and think, “hey, she’s kinda hot!” I want to honor this body that housed and grew two fabulous children. I want to restore it. And maybe, just maybe some of that fire in me will return too.