Wordless Wednesday – March 5, 2014

What they do when I’m not looking…


Got Time for a Quickie?

Nooo… not that (although you should make time for those too). It’s just that this post is going to be a bit short. Aww, don’t be sad. I have plenty going on which will make for great reading in the near future, but the truth is, we’re all getting over some kinda cold thing. I had the fever all weekend and now Addy seems to have it. Poor baby was so out of it today. I was finally able to break her fever but she obviously doesn’t feel well and honestly, I’m only at about 50%.

Tomorrow I go in for the ultrasound to confirm that the breast issue is only a fibroadenoma. Since the doctor seemed fairly confident that this is the case, I’ve been pretty calm. Two kids and a nasty cold will take your mind off things rather quickly. Speaking of kids, Minute Made Papa saved the day (yet again). He took care of the littles and held everything down while I was all cootified. I really am so very lucky to have him.

I do promise to come back and fill you in, but for now I am having coughing fits and I am not sleeping much so it’s Nyquil and Hot Toddy time. It seems like when it rains it pours… but the sun shall shine again.


Clicked into Oblivion — A n00b’s Oopsy

Well. That was a hard lesson learned. I’d written a semi-alright post about my anniversary trip to Reno and posted it. Being so pleased with having made another post and all, I decided “I should clean out my drafts. If I’m going to do this I should be organized about it.” Hahaaaaaaaa!

So, as I’m checking drafts to delete, sonny boy starts awailin’ and on cue his sister joins in behind him. So I bring him to the computer to multi-task – ya know, rock him so he’ll take the nap he needs while I finish the seemingly simple task of deleting the, ohhhh I dunno, 5 drafts I had to delete.

So kids are bellowing, Mama’s rocking, Mama’s hitting delete, Sonny’s pulling Mama’s hair, Mama’s CONFIRMING DELETE… and seeing post list… and seeing… OMG. No, no no no, this can’t be right! It is! I manage to keep the stream of expletives from running down my brainstem and out my mouth. Still unable to really grasp what’s happening, I search for a fix. There is none – MMM is S.O.L. *side note: just grabbed sonny boy again only to have him throw up on me. Motherhood J

At any rate, I learned a few valuable lessons:

1.       Save a copy of your post somewhere else, genius. Kind of a given, I s’pose.

2.       Grab the permalink too. It could have saved my behind if I’d had it.

3.       DOUBLE and TRIPLE check before you confirm delete. You, even in all your awesomeness, can make a silly mistake too.

I will rewrite the Reno post later and it will be even better… but still, I vow to do everything I possibly can to avoid this in the future. For now, we’ll laugh this one off and call it a rookie mistake. I refuse to stress over it – ain’t nobody got time for that!