Work-at-Work Mommy? Maybe So!

What I’d basically be doing… 

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine contacted me about a job opening at her office. A pure case of good karma and great people had thrown opportunity on my doorstep. Though I had no experience in this particular field I was more than familiar with what the position was basically about. The more she told me about the job the more confident I was that I could do it. So, I threw caution to the wind, grabbed a quick “power” outfit from Macy’s, printed out my work-related goodies and headed off to meet the boss. 

Interview Day Bandana bib — can’t cheesesteak up my blouse

After meeting with the owner/founder of the company (no pressure, right?) it was decided that I would come in and shadow then work a day to see how and if I fit. I read up on the parts of the job I was not familiar with and did as much research as possible on today’s most relevant issues. I was determined to come in and be ready to go. As shadow day approached I found myself visualizing success — and that is what I had. 

I read this and think, perhaps I oversimplify. I neglect to mention that I was a big ball of nerves for days, wrought with doubt and fear that I’d lost too much over the past 3 years to really make any type of decent showing. I neglect to discuss how tempted I was to just run back home and crawl into the comfort and understanding of my sweats and (really tired and beat up) robe. I forgot to bring up the hand wringing over finding a sitter and the possibility of leaving my children with someone else. I cried, for sure. But I put my big girl pants on and I did what I had to do. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am by no means sure of whether or not I got the job, but I can say that I am confident that I did well. I am proud of my end product and I am pleased with the work I did. Regardless of the outcome, I pulled myself together and got back out in the world. And I must confess it felt good. I held my children a little tighter when I came home. I thanked my husband with more sincerity. I fell asleep with a different sense of accomplishment; one that was all my own. I am hoping for the best but even if this isn’t in the cards, I know that I’m ready for whatever else may come my way… and something is definitely headed my way!