My Handy Food Arsenal

Everyone has staples… things they always have on hand. Most people have the types of staples that you can throw together and create a meal. I do not generally have those types of staples… but I do have things that are always in my pantry/fridge/freezer.


1. Graham Crackers – These are like gold here in my house. They can part seas, end wars, and make people eat their vegetables. Oh and they taste really good too.20140609-192147.jpg

2. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese– Go ahead and judge, but I am sure you can’t be left unattended with the saucepan of Kraft Mac either.

3. Pasta – could be farfalle… may be penne. If i all we have is two half boxes of each,  rest assured it will be both. But we always have pasta on hand. It opens so many doors. Meatless doors, saucy doors and many doors in between. Yup, we like it.

4. Tomato paste/sauce – For marinara, meat sauce, curry, chili… and the list goes on. If it’s not a staple in your house… it prolly should be.

5. Brown rice – We really enjoy our fish and pork chops with a side of brown rice. Not to mention that curry I was talking about really goes well over it.

6. Pierogies – mmm mm mmm , we LOOOOVE  Ms. T’s pierogies. Boiled or fried. Makes no difference. They are a delicious addition to any meal. I have to thank my husband and his East Coast side for introducing me to these delightful potato pillows. They are a mainstay in our home.


7. Peanut Butter – What is life without a spoon and a jar of peanut butter? My mother in law loves us enough to get us organic! You get out what you put in, after all. Which leads me to my next pick!

8. Cereal – sometimes it Cheerios. Most times Trader Joes Coconut, Cranberry Almond cereal. Either way, we can appreciate anything that you can pour milk on and call breakfast.

9. Bananas – Our kids love bananas and now that I’ve found the right way to peel them, it’s even more fun to “Dole” them out…ha ha, get it? Bananas are a little high in natural sugars, but good for potassium and better than many other options.


10. This jar of Jellied Cranberry Sauce – It’s always been there. I imagine a staple is something that’s always there… I haven’t needed it in nine years, but if I do, it’s there.


You see, I really don’t have many staples. Our likes and desires change with the date so I tend to get things by the week. I wouldn’t suggest it. I am hoping that over the next few months I will start planning more menus and using everything I have on hand to make meals happen. Until then, my cupboards are a happy little hodge podge of who knows what. But we make it work.

What are some of the things you keep in your pantry?


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Opening A Can of Worms

Mmmm, protein. 

No, literally… my friend opened a can of worms. Okay, so maybe not a lot of worms but one worm. And one is enough. I’m not easily grossed out but there was just something about seeing that weird flesh colored wiggly perched upon that unassuming Spaghetti-O’s can that wigged me out to the nth degree. I tossed out all my tomato sauce laden canned carb supply (soooo sorry, Mr. Boyardee) and went and shook in the corner for an hour. Soon I came to my senses and remembered the allowances the FDA makes for just such accidental ingredients.

Here are some interesting numbers for you:

Pizza sauce may contain up to 30 fly eggs per 100 grams.
Peanut butter may hide 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams.
Chocolate can have 60 or more insect parts per 100 grams.
Frozen berries may contain 60 percent mold.

You can view more about these allowances at The Huffington Post

Is it gross to think about? Absolutely. Is it unrealistic to think that food would be completely free of “additives” such as these? Probably. Will it kill us? Apparently not. We’ve gobbled down strawberry ice cream and peanut butter by the gallons over lifetimes and we are still here. We swallow bugs in our sleep and inhale our fair share too. Buuuut, I would rather not see it. Not knowing it’s there makes it a lot easier to stomach… dontcha think?



There’s Gold In Them There Diapers

Seriously, Son? Seriously?

My children exhibited a sophisticated palate very early on in the solid food stage. Addy loves homemade chicken alfredo with her Daddy’s famous garlic bread. Preston enjoys Tilapia and fluffy rice pilaf. Impressed? Don’t be. They are still kids and whenever their empty dinner plates lull me into a false sense of security, their diapers remind me of the ultimate truth.

That’s right, Folks! Poopy treasures! Changing a Pamper is like opening a box of Cracker Jacks around these parts. Through this mundane practice, I have discovered that my daughter likes purple glitter and blue crayons. Admittedly, the glitter was pretty funny but the blue crayon was scary. Pretty hard not to flip your stuff when your kid is crapping teal goo. Then I remembered a blue mouth and fingers from the day before. Mystery solved.

The boy has proven to be equally adept in eating random things. Just this evening my husband had to stop him from chomping into the wall. It doesn’t matter if it’s up high, down low, on you, or you for that matter. He will eat it — as evidenced by yesterday’s diaper. Bits of pieces… wait. Are those scraps? Scraps of paper? With print? Turns out he ate a Thomas the Tank Engine book and some of it survived the journey.

How do they do this? And why? I mean WHO does this? In all honesty, I did. I singlehandedly chewed a baby crib to pieces, so they get it honest. But I sure hope they outgrow this phase soon. It’s starting to weird me out.



A Few of My Favorite Things 9.24.13 Edition

So, it’s Tuesday and I’m short on time with the one and two year old running about. I figured this would be a perfect time to show you some of my favorite things.

I LOVE this leaf nightlight. Available at The Escape, it’s just grown enough to be sophisticated but different enough to be a little whimsical. If you have to have a nightlight, make it one worth having, am I right?

The next thing I ran across that I loved were these SICK water show speakers. When the music is playing the speakers give a little water and light show. Now, this particular favorite borderlines on immature, but I don’t care. I like them. And I’m gonna cop them from Spencer’s stat.

Lastly, anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I have something of an obsession with seafood salad. Raley’s has this INSANELY good seafood salad that I am addicted to. Like seriously, I’m minutes from mainlining crab and celery. If you have a Raley’s near you, grab some. If not? Well… I will try to create a copycat recipe. Stay tuned.