Frankenbooby and Commercials – Ten Things That Make Me Cry

In honor of National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (yes, that is also a thing), this week’s Tuesday Ten link up is all about things that make me cry. Some of them are happy tears. Some are tears of sadness. But these things will absolutely, positively, 100% turn on the water works on this girl.

1. Commercials with Sarah Mclachlan singing
You know the ones. Misty shots of caged puppies shivering in the rain. A kitten playfully bats her paw at the camera. Sarah’s haunting voice dares you to turn away. Seven seconds into this commercial and my face is wet with tears — my mind wondering what those poor animals must be feeling and my heart breaking for the loving home they should have known. I haven’t quite dialed to give yet… but I should.

2. Imitation of Life
This is a wonderful old movie about the relationship between a mother and her daughter. It is also a movie that looks into the more complex problems caused by racism in that era (not that the same issues don’t exist). All in all, an extremely fair-skinned mixed daughter shuns her black mother… and the black mother selflessly bows out to allow her daughter a chance at happiness. I won’t give it all away, but I TRIPLE DOG DARE you to watch this movie without bawling your eyes out. You’ll cry. You’ll cry and you’ll call your mom and tell her you love her. That will be about as far as the conversation gets. You’ll be too emotional to continue.

Imitation of Life Trailer

3. Sonograms
Baby toes are awesome. They are 10x more awesome on an ultrasound screen for some reason. I will never forget watching my little girl in my belly, sucking her thumb and doing somersaults. Whenever I see pictures of my children’s ultrasounds I am immediately taken back to the time they were closest to me. I can’t help but cry (mostly tears of joy) when I look at them then and now. They are such miracles. And I took part in those miracles!

4. Chinese Hot Mustard
It is the most delicious self abuse possible. I can only really describe it as that. I don’t really get a chance to enjoy the food for battling the heat of the mustard, but I can’t help myself. I must always have hot mustard with my chinese food. Tears and snot aside, it’s the only way I can enjoy an egg roll.

5. When My Family Leaves
I love my family. My life is so full of energy and excitement (and happy stress) when I have them near. Every time they come to visit, I promise myself I won’t cry. But after I drop them off at the airport, I get halfway home before the lines on the road get blurry and I break my promise and weep. Some of them are so far! And I miss them all so much. Then I just think about the next time I will see them. That cheers me up… a little.

I  love my family.

6. Most Pixar films
Most children’t films have at least ONE point I want to blubber during. You can judge if you want but to me, that just means you have never seen Up or Toy Story.

7. Stubbing my toe
Cryin’ ain’t the only thing it makes me do. I am more than certain that there is a nerve that leads from the toe to the tears, jumping, and profanity parts of the brain. Sometimes it’s the bed but usually it’s a toy. I hit that toe hard enough and it is INSTANT wailing sailor. A good toe stubbing can reduce a grown man to tears so I don’t feel any shame in that one.

8. Breast Infections
I have been the victim of a number of weird physical ailments. The most notorious, however, would have to be a series of recurring breast infections I first got while I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. I had a high fever and very sore breast which began to leak the most rancid fluid I’d ever smelled in my life… like it literally woke us out of our sleep. Anyway, turns out, I had a really bad breast abcess that had to be surgically removed and cleaned. I’ve had several since and yeah, they make me cry. The scars they’ve left also make me cry. I’m not a vain person per se, but I am not a fan of my poor mutilated bosom. It sucks but my husband doesn’t seem to mind Frankenboob. More importantly, the first infection was retained in my breast probably to protect the baby. My children are worth the hurt.

My last breast infection last year. Womp Womp

9. Church
It’s amazing to go into a place when you are feeling at your absolute lowest and emerge feeling like there is hope. There is something rejuvenating about being able to open your soul and allow the bad to leave and good to flow in. It is overwhelming to be surrounded by love. I often cry but it is only because I am so happy to be somewhere safe and free from worry.

10. Missing Memphis
I left my hometown 9 years ago this April. I don’t regret leaving. But I do miss Memphis a whole lot. I miss lighting bugs and smelling the moisture in the air. I miss the sound of katydids signaling the end of a summer day. I miss the very specific country dialect. I miss the barbeque. I miss what I know. I don’t cry about missing home as much as I used to but it still happens from time to time.

That sums it up I think. Just be grateful I’m not pregnant or this little list of things that make me cry would have been a novel. I’d like to thank Lisa of The Golden Spoons and Rabia from The Lieber Family for hosting this Tuesday Ten link up. Make sure to go and check out the other things that make them cry too!

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