I Ain’t Heavy… I’m a Mother

Am I the only one who has found myself looking in the mirror and sobbing uncontrollably while pinching my post-baby belly rolls?  No.  In fact, a survey found that 6 out of 10 mothers feel pressure to immediately drop the pounds after giving birth due to the fact that they see so many celebrity moms back to pre-baby weight within WEEKS of giving birth.

I was half watching the Today Show and half prepping Addy’s breakfast when I heard this very subject come up.  Women are turning to horribly unhealthy methods of keeping their weight down during and after their pregnancy.  This frightening trend is known as Mommyrexia.  In an attempt to attain celeb-like looks while preggers, women are harming themselves and their babies.  Hollywood and the media were dragged through the streets and up to the gallows — for it is always their fault these things happen, after all. 

While I did get some relief in knowing I wasn’t the only mother to feel this way, I couldn’t help but be a little ashamed of myself for being insecure AND irrational.  I mean, any rational person knows that it takes TIME to lose that weight, right? And most rational people would question the validity or safety of a diet that allowed you to snap back all pronto-like, wouldn’t they?  So yes, technically we’re irrational.

I took a step back and remembered the 9 months it took for my body to morph into this… well, whatever it is now.  It only makes sense to allow it that amount of time to get back to the way it was (or somewhat near it?).  Honestly, it might never be the same.  Women in my family aren’t notorious for this snapping back thing.  Genetics is not on my side.  BUT, I will take the reasonable and healthful steps towards getting myself back into shape… and then I’ll work on shapely.

There are some great places online to get started.  My favorite so far would have to be Mamavation .  I found out about Mamavation at one of the Resourceful Mommy’s Twitter Parties.  It was a great way to chat and get good diet and workout tips.  Drill Sergeant Alarik, founder of Gruntstyle, was on hand to keep us in line and motivated (As a matter of fact, don’t tell him I wrote this… he’ll make me drop and give him 20).  I even won an EA Sports Active 2 – and trust me, it puts a hurting on ya!

So, I’ve got the right workout tools… I’ve got a great support system… I’ve got all I need to succeed in this new lifestyle.  Hollywood starlets be darned — I earned this body doing something extraordinary.  I will wear this kangaroo pouch proudly… until I get rid of it, of course.  And the next time I feel down about it, I’ll just look at her

She is sooooo worth it.

Til next time,