Sowing Seeds of Happiness


Seedlings are really fun to watch!

Seedlings are really fun to watch!

I have been struggling lately. I sometimes feel as though I’m not meeting this (crazy high) standard that I’ve set for myself as a mother and wife. At times I feel judged for not being a working woman and I allow that to creep into how I view my success. My marriage is seven years in (eek!)… and it has its own special set of challenges for sure. I’m in my thirties and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (or how to even process that I AM grown up). I cannot say for certain what put me in this sudden state of discontent but I do know that it was not meant for me to stay there. So, I am starting a garden.


Now if you know me or have ever known me personally, you are laughing uncontrollably right now. I have an uncanny ability to kill most any plant, have no desire to be outdoors for any long period of time and have a serious fear of all insects that sting. Oh, and allergies. But for some reason, I’ve gotten this garden under my skin and I am DETERMINED to produce some delicious vegetables and fragrant flowers this spring and summer. I’ve already started the seedlings and they sprouted, so that’s a good sign… right? I kid.


At any rate, I feel really great about the progress I’m making. The blog redesign is exactly what I was hoping for. I am going out with my friends and family more. I am facing my fears (of both bees AND failure) by attempting to grow things that will help feed my family and save us money. I am looking forward to teaching my children what I learn about gardening. In the words of Veronica Shoffstall, I am “learning to plant my own garden and decorate my own soul.” And it feels more amazing than I ever knew it could.


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  1. Minute Made Papa says:

    Love the new format babe. Looks great! Why you are not writing for a living is beyond me. You have so much to tell this world and when you do it’s always so ARTICULATE and well versed. I guess if we are using quotes, “if you write it, they will read it”. I know that’s not the quote but modified it to fit this situation. Again and again I try to get you to put your life on paper. Who knows maybe Bravo will make a reality show out of it. LOL. But anywho I’m also so very very proud of you and glad to see you picking up this hobby. Conquering your fear of all things stingy is a huge accomplishment. Doing something that will bring you joy and SUSTENANCE will only reinforce your self-worth and being. By taking all that is wrong in your life and creating life is a beautiful thing. On that note let me end with this. With all that is not perfect in your life I can think of two things that are; our children and my love for you.

    • Thank you for your sweet sweet message, Papa. I am slowly coming around I think. It makes me feel really good to know that you’re proud of me… though your chicken curry could make me feel even better 🙂 Thank you for supporting me. I don’t know how I would keep going without my amazing family.

  2. Minute Made Papa says:

    Who had two thumbs up and is proud of his wife? This guy!

  3. Love your new blog design. I’m starting my first garden too and I’m afraid of everything too. I’m hoping to save money by growing some veggies. Looking forward to reading more about your garden.

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